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    from May 27 2017 till today

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    Web Site Development & Social Media Management

Create micro-landing page with ContactInBio and convert followers into customers

We were impressed by SaaS based web sites in social media industry and all cloud based softwares that can improve engagement on social media as Instagram. Being impressed by Buffer we have launched our own multiple Instagram publishing services and then realised that we need a product that will not require direct connection to Instagram servers as they are not reliable.
Then we found out web site called Linktree which is very popular in the social media industry, then we have created analog of it with a lot more advanced features called With you can create your own web page optimized for mobile that can direct easily your followers to any other web page. When you create your own web page you receive your own domain as for example Bubblesky.ContactIn.Bio. On that page, you can insert any content as text,image,image gallery, contact form, links, social media links and Whatsapp one click button.
After you create your page, share it by placing the link into your bio in Instagram and other social media web sites.
Web site reached international audience and received a lot of good impressions as an example it became featured product #5 of View our page on ProductHunt
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